The Ultimate Guide to Sports Massage: Techniques, Benefits, and Expert Tips

Sports Massage

Sports Massage, the benefits it can bring to both your physical and emotional wellness. The Science Behind Sports Massage When it comes to understanding the physical and emotional wellness benefits that regular sports massage can deliver, it’s essential to delve into the science behind the therapy. Sports massage is rooted in the principles of anatomy, … Read more

Deep Tissue Massage, What You Really Need to Know

Deep Tissue Massage

What is a deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage is a massage technique which targets the inner layers of muscles and connective tissue. Using a combination of deep, slow, and rhythmic pressure or friction, the technique allows your massage therapist to target specific areas with a much deeper pressure than other massage techniques. Why is … Read more

The new normal in self-care

[The lockdowns made self-care difficult for many, but there are some habits we learned that are worth keeping.] Over the past two years, the way we live our lives has been dictated by our health. That means on this side of the pandemic, we’re more conscious than ever about our wellbeing. Public health messaging in … Read more

The Massage Company becomes accredited member of the British Franchise Association

The Massage Company becomes accredited member of the British Franchise Association Leading health and wellness franchise The Massage Company has become a fully accredited member of the British Franchise Association (BFA) – the latest milestone in its quest to bring life-changing massage services to people across the UK. Pip Wilkins, Chief Executive of the BFA, … Read more

End of UK furlough: Top Tips for Getting Back to a Healthy Routine


The UK’s furlough scheme has drawn to a close after supporting 11.6 million jobs. As post-lockdown restlessness continues, how can people get back on track with a regular routine that promotes health and mental wellbeing? Below, the Massage Company has provided a few handy tips for staying healthy, organised and in peak physical and mental … Read more