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Training Programme


Within the UK, and most countries around the world, we operate within a fully unregulated working environment, so anyone can declare themselves a Massage Therapist and start working. Of course, to be insured, a level of qualification is required as proof, but this can be achieved via an online course, over a series of weekends, a 2 year NVQ / City & Guilds course, or a full BSc University degree. It’s very difficult for the consumer to understand who really knows their business.

Training is the cornerstone around which The Massage Company has been built, and will remain so forever. It is mandatory for all Massage Therapists joining our team, and the more advanced training is added constantly over time as our team spend more time working together with us.

In addition, in 2023 we have added to our internal expertise with the medical supervision of our growing National Physiotherapy team.


Before we opened the business, we identified the need for training and development to be at the centre of what we do, and on the knowledge of John Holman (our Director of Massage Training), we built our “TMC Training Programme”. This is designed to meet two crucial requirements:

  1. the delivery of consistently high-quality massage, so that our customers can receive massage from whoever is working on shift at the time they want to come, and
  2. the protection of our Massage Therapists themselves, with good techniques, focus on self-care, and the avoidance of injuries to give them a strong and long career.
Training Programme

What do we do?

Of course, the detail is confidential! After passing their initial interview and “trade-test”, we have built a full 5-day training programme for all therapists when they join us, to meet the requirements above, and they all need to pass this before working on paying customers.

Ongoing, we provide regular checks on techniques behind the scenes, constantly testing and receiving massage ourselves through our TMC National Training Team and group of Lead Therapists inside our centres. This allows us to really support and nurture the training, to work on specifics with individual therapists, and more widely constantly grow and develop their skills.

A number of fixed, accredited course modules are added at specific intervals during a massage therapist’s employment with us.

Certification and Accreditation

During 2019, we decided that despite the lack of need, nor regulation, we would move to try and secure Full Certification for our training programme, and have partnered with one of the few international awarding bodies Think Tree Hub, to ensure that we can deliver what we do under further checks and scrutiny.

Massage solves many medical issues, and now we can start to prove it. Shared both internal and externally, we have growing insight, research and evidence created on the medical benefits our professional massage therapy brings to our customers and members. Our teams are constantly growing their own personal knowledge and education.

We also invest in teacher training for our TMC National Training Team, who are all formed and promoted from within our existing teams.

We look forward to seeing you in our centres very soon, either as a customer or an employee, and please do be in touch with any questions you may have. Our Camberley flagship centre is contactable on or by calling 01276 819588 and they can answer or guide you smoothly towards the answer you may require

NEW in 2022 - TMC Training Academy!

As the impact of Covid has generated even greater demand for massage therapy across the UK, and career-changing or career-starting students begin their journey to become a Massage Therapist, we have launched our long-planned TMC Training Academy. Click the button below for more details:

How do we ensure our massages are a consistently high-quality?
A 60 second insight into our TMC training in the video below: